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Zlatan to Manchester United?

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1 hour ago, Thomas Shelby said:

Huge ego...Very over rated. 

He would unsettle the team. 

An ego is exactly what this team needs. Someone to give the soft cnuts a kick up the arse when the going gets tough.

And overrated? His goalscoring stats since 2011...


Albeit the French League is wank, the technique and style of goals he scores tells me he wouldn't have a problem adjusting over here

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6 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

Check his record out against PL sides.

He ain't that good. 

I'd rather have Kane or Vardy. 

In an ideal world I'd have Kane but that ain't happening unless we offer to pay for Spurs' stadium! Think Zlatan would be a no-lose situation on a free; minimal financial loss and if he's a success then great and he can mentor the likes of Rashford. If he flops then he'd be gone in a year anyway and we move on

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