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The Realist

Shameful Cameron.

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He's an absolute idiot and we need to get rid of him if we end up remaining in the EU or leaving, this man just lies though his teeth to help his own agenda!

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9 hours ago, Thomas Shelby said:

Typical Villa fan really. 

He's lower than that. I think he may be a closet celtic fan, Of the kind who being British anyhow, have ranted about oppression for years, Yet are happy to vote, to stay in the EU, thus giving away any freedom they may have. If we stay in Europe, our general elections will mean fuck all, Cos as a nation we will have no say in governing ourselves. The EU, Needs serious reconstruction, democracy, and accountability. Without that, It is the kind of dictatorship, we fought against Hitler.

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21 minutes ago, Hh7 said:

Comments like the Nazi one are laughable. I thought your mob all liked Hitler anyway given the amount of Nazi salutes we get off the Sevco support. The EU is nothing like Nazi Germany. It came about to prevent future war in Europe more than anything else.

You seriously believe that shit??

NATO, What was that all about then?


Also Curious to know, how you think Brussels is not a dictatorship? Seeing as it cant be questioned, And whatever it says goes, Or pay the price.

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On 08/06/2016 at 1:04 AM, Hh7 said:

NATO was the cold war was it not?


There are lots of dictatorships in the world. If that is what you think the EU is (although it has elections but never mind) but why do you and Boris J want to compare it to the Nazis who exterminated a lot of people. I don't see the EU doing that Sally. Do you?

Sad thing is, The EU, is a dictatorship you want to sign up to. Also the EU, evolved from the common market, Which really was set up to enable more free trade, When the UK, Became the 8th member, common market accounted for 31% Of all world economic trade, Now we have 28 member's. And have evolved into the EU. The EU Accounts for 17%. A growing in numbers membership. A blatantly obvious decline in value or worth. Going from crisis to crisis. The EU, is a failing idea. Becoming more insignificant by the day to the rest of the world. Lets get out, and join those that are prospering free of Undemocratic, Unnacountable. The elections it has, Are to elect people, who have absolutely no power, Or sway to change anything the Beaurocrats decide. Pointless elections really.

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