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Adam Johnson & PC Andrew Rowe

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Just comparing the 2 cases. PC Rowe was jailed for 3 and a half years, A Policeman, The people employed to uphold the law, And protect, Swearing an oath to do so. Adam Johnson 6 years. Surely a policeman should set a bigger example than a working man, which at the end of the day, Is what Adam Johnson was, regardless of job or career.



A few more dodgy OB here. Bear in mind how many things they do are covered up. The saying you can trust a policeman never carried much to me anyhow.


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5 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

Its fucked up isn't it, there's one rule for the police and one rule for everyone else by the sounds of this!

A policeman, Abducts 2 teenage girls, And gets 240 hours community service. sounds about right. no matter how wrong it is.

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