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Orange is the New Black

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Netflix original lesbian and prison drama. Season 4 was released today. Gonna settle down for a sesh in a bit and try plough through as much of it as I can.

Anyone watch this? It's brilliant in its wit and simplicity

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It's on the watch list, finishing off House of Cards, then next up is Narcos.

I've heard good things about it, Netflix has produced some excellent programmes in the last few years.

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Sadly i am one of the few, Who still go out to the pub regularly, And socialise with friend's and real people. Just like our father's and forefathers and their forefathers did .Dont watch TV, Never owned a playstation, Never will. It sadden's me, when nearing the end of the shift, All these people talking about getting online and playing FIFA, Why not socialise properly,Go for a social pint after work? And if you like football why not attend football matches??Reality is much better than cyber fantasy. The good thing is tho, The internet is making it as easy to order an item from New Zealand, As it is to order an item from France. Which to me says a big fuck you to EU regulations.

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