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FAO David Beckham!

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1) Did YOUR children get into your first choice of school?

2) Do YOU wait for up to a fortnight to see your doctor?

3) Have YOUR wages ever been suppressed due to uncontrolled immigration of cheap, unskilled labour?

4) Will YOUR children be affected by the shortage of social housing?

5) When was the last time YOU sat in A&E for eight hours?

6) If YOU were not made fabulously wealthy for having no more talent than being able to kick a ball, do you think you would still be thinking the same way?

WE are thinking about OUR children's future in the real world, not sat in a mansion in LA, dreaming of dear old Blighty. Come and live it before you make judgements on our behalf!




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9 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

In all fairness SA his vast fortune would be worth less if we vote to leave.

Not many folk like being hit in the pocket. 

Your post has got fuck all to do my my post. Your not Beckham, and have not addressed any of the point's i made. Why did you even bother replying?

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33 minutes ago, Hh7 said:

How would that be?

Seriously H fella, You wasted a few second's of your life there, That you will never get back, If you posted that hoping for a logical response.

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2 minutes ago, Hh7 said:

Probably. It seemed such a stupid far out unfounded thing to say I thought maybe, JUST maybe he had some explanation. Some weird theory more weird than himself.

Guess that's you fucked, If you thought that.

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