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Republic Of Ireland.

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I listen to the radio a lot. as you all know, there has been several debates about the EU. What has surprised me, Is the amount of caller's From ROI, who are so anti EU. Ireland not one of my favourite countries, Tho there are several i like a lot less. I also know a few decent honest, Hard working paddies. The Republican IRA side, I will openly admit to hating. I also wont judge all Irish on that. Before listening to these caller's, I had no idea just how much Ireland has paid the price for being in the EU, Even more so the Euro. The UK, bailed Ireland to the tune of £18 billion a year or so back. Never knew, EU ruling's had cost Ireland's fishing industry approximately the same amount, Over a number of years. Also the cost to Irish farming, has been immense. Ireland offer's great Fish, and great fresh Irish farmed food. Sadly for them, The EU legislation seems to prohibit them from maximizing the potential of this. Such a shame, As i would much more enjoy, a cabbage or whatever only out the Irish ground  2 or so  days. Than the almost unedible fruit and veg, from ASDA etc, That has come from the Inefficient farms in Spain, Portugal etc, Which our farmers and Irish farmers pay the price. As do we as consumers. I also suspect that the euro is pricing the Average, working Irishman out of a couple of beers at the end of a hard days graft. A pint and a meal in Ireland, Is one of the most costliest in the EU. simple reason is, It's because of the EU.

I hope we get our country back tomorrow. I hope Ireland follow's swiftly. Then Holland, Denmark etc.

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10 minutes ago, Hh7 said:

And the global banking bust had nothing to do with Ireland's economic down turn?

Probably feckin not. It they had been on their own, Cannot see how it would have affected them much. Seems in recent years, Majority of Irish who had a hatred for Britain, Have turned it into an hatred for the EU.

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1 minute ago, Hh7 said:

Sorry. But I do believe you are talking nonsense.

What you believe, doesnt really bother me. I will instead, Opt to listen to what the Irish people say on radio phone in's. Real Irish people, From Ireland. Not the 5th generation removed celtic fan types.

Good thing about phone in's. Is they cannot be so manipulated, As TV debates. Like the remain campaign's audience, being hand picked political people, Whilst the Brexit campaign, Is the average working man.

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6 minutes ago, Hh7 said:

5th generation?:lol: You thick sanctimonious twat.

So you get your facts from an Irish farmers phone in? Fuckin hell!! Scary.

It's good to hear how the average genuine  Irishman, Think's about how the EU has fucked them over.

They also do not like paying over 5 euro's a go for a pint of Guinness.

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Just now, Hh7 said:

Let's ignore the vast investment EU poured into creating the 'Celtic Tiger' in the first place. Only to be fucked by the global banking crisis.

The banking crisis was created to benefit the Banker's. corruption is rife. Start doing some research Hh, I did, found it fascinating, Then infuriating. Corruption fella, Affects us all. Research wakes people up to the fact. If enough realise the scale of it, Maybe then revolt, It may end. Sadly too many people are brainwashed into swallowing the mhedia shite.

Maybe when we have positive money, IE Bradbury pound, Rather than an economy based on debt, We will prosper.

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