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Ear Wax

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I currently have shit loads of ear wax in the left ear, anyone else ever suffered with this and what are the best drops to use. They give me Olive Oil last week but that did fuck all, The doctor gave me Sodium Bicarbonate ear drops today and I have to use them for 2 weeks twice a day (3-4 drops). Hope they work are my ear is slightly deff now and its pissing me off!!!! Also when i whistle its distorted in the left ear (the blocked one).

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12 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

You are getting a lot of discharge because the olive oil has broken down hard ear wax and is causing it to discharge. This in turn will can cause the blocked feeling. It should correct itself. 

However, if it hasn't got better in two weeks it is probably terminal and will kill you.

I hope this helps...

The olive oil wasn't doing anything but this Sodium Bicarbonate is definitely doing something, removed a fair bit of wax already!

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