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The Realist

tony Blair- Iraq War.

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Should he now be tried and prosecuted?? Me thinks so, 179 British Servicemen lost their lives. Thousands of innocent Iraqi's were, basically murdered. similar in Libya with Gadaffi. both nation's were relatively stable before intervention. First thing done after US led, chaos, Is the creation of a central bank. The Libyan gold seems to be in the Vatican.The Oil and Petrol  does'nt affect me to much, As i am usually banned from driving.

Innocent people keep dying, As the rich get richer, The brainwashed believe the mhedia lies, And Our armed forces die needlessly. The Rothschilds have a lot to answer for. thankfully Brexit has shown the people do have a voice, And Tony Blair and his corrupt band are getting a bit twitchy. People power is the way forward. Let honesty and common law prevail. The murder of innocent people for profit needs to stop.  As does the sacrifice of our armed forces. People who signed up, To serve their country, Not die for the the rich to get richer.

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On 06/07/2016 at 8:05 PM, redblood said:

Only 2 reasons they invaded Iraq

Oil and Lithium

Creation of a central bank?? Was done inside an hour in Lybia. Syria was similar. Wars get created in countries that don't have Central banks, The Rothschilds create them very quickly. Also Lybia had massive amounts of gold, Which is now believed to be in the Vatican. Oil and Petrol doesn't bother me that much, As i am usually banned from driving. Idealogically Lybia, Was perhaps the perfect country under Gadaffi. I know we hear about Jihad etc, How the Yanks stirred it up tho. ISIS using American weapon's. I am still not convinced the Middle East problem's were not created for the benefit of Banks and Corporations, As they are the only thing's that gain out of war.

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On 08/07/2016 at 6:57 PM, Thomas Shelby said:

Doubtful we will see him in the dock...

We absolutely should tho. When certain types of people with status, Become above the law, The world can become a very dangerous place.

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