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Celtic new safe standing section

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9 hours ago, Thomas Shelby said:

Ceptic fans aren't people tho? 

Whatever. I just hope it goes well. Celtic being the UK, guinea pigs for this, Which is appropriate for them i suppose.

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21 minutes ago, boro_boy said:


Another photo of it.

I hope this catches on as it will bring back the atmosphere at the grounds!

Not sure tho, That trying it out, at such a cheaply built stadium, made by mechano is a good idea.

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18 hours ago, Hh7 said:

When is the last time you went there? Life ban was it? Place is a shite hole, needs a lick of paint. Won't be any Euro nights there any time soon.


Blimey a Meme My granddaughter can make them.. I prefer the words of Sir Alex Ferguson myself.

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