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Your fav TV shows

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What are your fav shows,  the ones you look forward to each week.  

I like

  • Police interceptors
  • Can't pay we'll take it away
  • Tattoo fixers
  • The Dog rescuers
  • Supervet
  • The big fat quiz of everything
  • Inside the factory 
  • An hour to save your life
  • 999: What's your emergency
  • Paul O'Grady: For the love of dogs
  • The Yorkshire Vet
  • 8 our of 10 cats do countdown 
  • The last leg
  • Eden

There just some of them.  

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I rarely watch TV. Only series iv'e watched over the last few years, Has been Peaky Blinders. Being only 6 episodes, I tend to wait til the series has finished, Then download,  watch them back to back. I also have the box sets of game of thrones. Only watched the first 2 episodes of season 1 as of yet tho.

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