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Notting Hill Carnage

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Personally, I think it's time to scrap it. Over recent years, It has evolved into something it was never meant to be. Like the St Patrick's day parade in Birmingham, Sadly there is very little Irishness about it nowadays. Just people using it as an excuse for a major piss up. I know 1 or 2, Irish people, who don't like being associated with it now. Seems because of how it's become, Most Irish have some kind of event in Several local pubs, Which are all decent event's and trouble free. Any event that attracts a large crowd, Will also attract a criminal element.Pickpockets Drunks ETC. Shame as a few mess it up for the majority of decent folk. Our Xmas/German market, Is reknown for large groups of Eastern European's, (Romanian) Also African (somalian)criminal gangs operating, Pickpocketing etc.Sad really. Tho i not sure what the Police can do, As budget cuts mean you hardly ever see a Police officer nowadays. (Which i think can be a godsend when driving home pissed at 2am). 15 stabbings at Notting Hill this year. Not good. Also bear in mind the community etc. Could this be local gangs using it as a cover? If so the backlash will commence. I may be totally wrong, But hey ho. Just my thought's. Not opinion.

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2 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

Aren't thoughts an opinion of sorts?

And don't Drink and Drive....You will spill some eventually. 

There are times i have to drive, Cos i'm to pissed to walk.

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37 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

That is understandable....And fuck paying a taxi driver who has to ask for directions as he doesn't know the area....Innit.

Please don't get me started on taxi driver's. They have serious snags.

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