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Vigilante Groups!


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Seem to be on the rise in some European Countries. The Reason being to protect Citizens, From the crimes the Muslim migrants are committing,Personally i blame Angela Merkel, For her "let them all come comments". The rapes ETC, Seem to go largely unpublished by mainstream mhedia, As it obviously does not suit the European political agenda. Surely this has to be a sign that the government's are failing the people?

I am all for A soldiers of Odin type group in the UK. And thank feck we voted out. Our Economy seems to be doing very well, Post Brexit too.

During the lead up to the referendum, I remember posting about plans for a European army, And being ridiculed by somebody on here. Not heard a peep from them about it, Since the plans for the European army were announced on June 24.

I am so glad we voted out of that totally undemocratic, politically, and financially failing dictatorship. I just find it appalling that the people have to unite to defend themselves against something they never wanted. Also the fact that they could become criminals for protecting their own.Well in EU law, Not Common law.

What are your thoughts on the forming of these Vigilante Groups, And the reason's behind them forming?

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5 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

You are absolutely right SA. I have got a new job since Brexit and an quids in. Take home 2500 a month, loads of time off.

As for Merkel...Agreed, but Dodgy Dave the Villa Rave was as bad. He talked the talk on immigration but didn't walk the walk. 

Would you join a vigilante groupSAA ?

Put my name at the top of the list fella. I have done some sort of vigilante stuff in the past. Was loved for it too. Took a bit of balls, and to be fair, I put myself at a bit of risk, As it was just me. Cowards and Bullies, Back down tho, When they are faced with any kind of opposition. Tho a few years ago, I actually feel quite proud of what i did back then.

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16 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

I would do it too.

Was your work in Glasgow or Brum?

Was local, By the bungalows where my Nan used to live. A gang of local yobbos, Started hanging around there, Making life unpleasant for the OAP's. Glue sniffer's etc .Nan had moved to Telford, By this point. Yet i still knew a few of the old folk, Her friends, Whose last few years of life was being made miserable by these yobbo's.I couldn't agree with it fella, Council and OB, did feck all. I think our old folk, Have a right to live in peace, And without fear or intimidation. I coshed a few of those fecker's. Remember it well to this day, Their ringleader, A guy known as Kimbers. Gobby cunt he was,Had a few run in's with him, Well i walked up to him, He had 4-5 max with him, Whacked him across the jaw, With a pump action screwdriver,( guess that shows how long ago it was). That took him out totally, His mates were terrified, As i was shouting who's next, Who wants some of this.Went a bit mad, coshed anything near me. Happy ending tho, The Yob's moved on, And the old folk, Kind of got their lives back. I was expecting to get mullered that day, Just pushed to a point where something had to be done. One of the old guy's Gave me a football programme, Which he had passed down to him. Turns out it is an original of the first ever villa matchday programme from 1906. I still have it, In a polythene bag in my wardrobe drawer. It is all faded and brown, and fragile, Reckon there cant me many of them around now tho.Always knew him as Mr Penn, Tho well in his 70's he was a giant of a man, Yet very fragile. Shows the difference in era's/culture, When my generation were cutting the OAP's, Lawn's helping with their shopping, 2 generations on, The feckers terrorise them. I blame rap music myself, Too much anger.Why i don't know. They never lived through a Maggie Thatcher government FFS.

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1 hour ago, Thomas Shelby said:

Superally is the voice of reason.

The voice of common sense.

2 hours ago, boro_boy said:

I'm so glad we voted out, these groups are okay as they help protect local people from attacks from these men. 

I see the world still hasn't ended since we left the EU. 

Do you not think it sad, That the Police force can no longer protect communities? Is this not what Tax and Council tax is supposed to pay for?Annoyingly 40% of council tax goes towards council pensions, Which feckin infuriates me. A hell of a lot of people who can barely afford to live are being forced into paying this. My local police force over the last 5 years, Has seen budgets cut by 20%. How often do you see a copper around nowadays?. football excluded. I cant help thinking, that somewhere in the future, A Tory plan is in place to privatise the police, Along with the NHS.I am all for people uniting to look after their own. I also support these vigilante type groups. Thing i find sad is the reason they are forced to form.Horrific crimes by migrants, Against their communities, total lack of state protection, Cover ups and denials of said crimes, By corrupt mhedia. The world is going to ratchet. 

1 hour ago, Thomas Shelby said:

Superally is the voice of reason.


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1 hour ago, Thomas Shelby said:

Hh would find glue sniffing types bothering old folk as being funny as he stands amongst them.

Arise SirSuperally I say. Society needs more of your kind. 

Society needs, A decent police force, To protect the old and vulnerable. Sadly as Police budgets get cut, MP's and councillor's, Pay and expenses allowances grow way above inflation. As does their pension funds. Whilst protecting their own pensions, They pass legislation allowing corporation's, To use pension funds for corporation purposes investment ETC, Hence leaving gaping holes in the pension fund's of those who have contributed to it. As for Hh, He is to insignificant to bother about. Maybe got his giro today, so will be on the Evostik and Buckfast.

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