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How do you pay for things in general

Paying for stuff  

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How do you usually pay for things just seen on the news that contactless payments have overtaken cheques.

Who the fuck still uses cheques!!!

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Clicked card payment, As  i pay with a card, all be it a contact less one, If under £30. To be honest i rarely carry cash, Unless i know i have to, IE if going to a market where cash is the only way to payFootball obviously as i dont carry anything with my ID on.. I often dont carry my card with me either, IE to work. I am a fecker, for borrowing money, off my son or somebody at work, If they do a cafe run, And i fancy a bacon sarnie. I never seem to learn. Was happy last week tho, Had no cash or card, And found over £20 in the car under my seat. 17 pound coins i found amongst several other coins. Mostly down to the fact that i mostly wear shorts. Money always falls out of pockets. I have also twigged why the granddaughter always asks for my car keys, Saying she thinks she left something in the car, Yeah like my feckin money. Fair play to her, smart girl.

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