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Ireland have corporation tax  of 12.5%

They did a special deal with Apple so they pay 1% but on the news they said it works out that they actually only pay 0.005% tax (That was from the BBC) So they dodge tax and they have slave factories making their phones, then they sell them for 600+ a piece! Yeah they have done nothing illegal as they done a deal with Ireland. But it seals only the poor and normal people pay tax. All the rich people dodge tax with the offshore havens!! Just leaves a sour taste in my mouth!!

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If i was Ireland, I would tell the EU to fuck off full stop. The never listened to the Irish people's democratic wishes, Forcing a second vote, And the Lisbon treaty upon them by stealth.

The Irish people democratically never wanted the Euro. Look whats it's done to their country.

Apple are a corporation. when has a corporation acted with any decency??

Gladly through the power of the internet people are slowly starting to wake up to the corruption. Losing the fear is a different thing tho.

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