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Andy Murray

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12 hours ago, superally said:

4-4 now, Murray to serve. Hope his big match experience can see him over the line.

Lost 7-5 in final set, Andy just wasnt on it today, Looked tired.

He blamed a loud noise during a match point,  the roof being closed and a butterfly lol.  

Fucking sake,  talk about not blaming yourself.  

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1 hour ago, Red Devil said:

I wonder what's happened in the personal life of Djokovic, how can a man of that level drop away so drastically. 

It's almost like he's had to stop taking whatever drug he was taking that made his superhuman. 

Yeah that's very strange, Seems unexplainable. I liked him, Unless he was playing one of our own.

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11 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

And I am saying John McEnroe was better than Andy Murray. 


This thread is about Murray, not Djokovic. 

Do you not think, Djokovic, has more relevance than a guy from the 80's Am also sure i never brought up Djokovic first. Jog on.

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38 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

You were talking about Djokovic...This is Andy's thread. See ya!

Looking through the thread will see, That i no way, Mentioned any other player, Other than Murray, Until somebody else did. Tho i still deem that relevant to Murray's current position. you saying McEnroe was the best, Bears no relevance. Now stop being the silly pathetic vulcan, and get back to shelby. How much embarrassment can you really take?

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7 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

McEnroe was world number 1 for many, many months. years...That makes him better and hence, my statement relevant and correct.


I will concede that fact, Only if you can explain the relevance, It bears to Andy Murray, Becoming world number 1 this week, Bear in mind, He wasnt even born when McEnroe was around. In the 80's. Or last century or millennium, which ever you choose. Now just take a moment to explain the relevance.

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On 08/09/2016 at 10:34 AM, fatpipe said:

am not really a tennis fan to be honest , and find Andy a bit boring when he is being interviewed

Controlling the emotions/personality is all part of the way he manages to be a great tennis player. There is, of course, a personality there, determined and now a family man who seems to have gained extra motivation from that; a team player; a player who shows his disappointments when he does not reach the high standards he sets himself. He can laugh at himself, celebrate success, etc. Being Scottish is part of his core, not a bad thing to be happy about your origins, is it? Not exactly the most interesting speaker to listen to but there is always some sort of content worth listening to, unlike many footballers analysing their own performances. 
Brilliant achievement. 

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