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Pogba - Waste of money?

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People ripping him on Facebook.  I've not seen him play,  is he any good or what the stupid amount of money spent on him,  an absolute waste? 


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9 minutes ago, Red Devil said:


He's only going to get more tired the further the season progresses, personally, I'd rest him every now and again and play him more in the Europa league. That's our best route into the Champions league this season. 

I find that a bit confusing there fella. Are you saying the Europa league is the best road to the CL??, also i have no sympathy for any player who may tire. FFs, there are people around the country, working 5 days a week, 12 hour shifts for minimum wage, Vulcan is probably one of them, They do it day in day out,

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5 minutes ago, Red Devil said:

Yes, the winner of the Europa league now gets a Champions league spot, Ibra is better suited to European football, use him in the competition you are more likely to gain access to the Champions league with. 

I'd maybe rest him for the lesser league games, let Martial or Rashford lead the line. 


They beat Liverpool and Everton, they aren't a push over. 37 chances suggests it was one way traffic, which it was. 

We need to improve our finishing. 

Shelby doesnt really understand the game fella, Excuse him a little bit, and make the odd allowance.

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