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Red Snapper recruitment=Scum.

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These cunts are paid, £5m a year to bring cases against our servicemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. As of yet, They have failed to bring 1 single case, Seriously tho, who are the cunts who pay these, and why do they do it?

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3 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

Not heard of them but they sound like scum, just after making money for all the wrong reasons!

Corporation fella. Paid for out of our taxes. Infuriates me, that i have no say in where where money is going. Money i object to paying. These cunts are using my/our money, basically to line their own corporate pockets. People i totally hate and despise, for trying to tarnish our armed forces, seems i am paying for what i hate. When will this corruption end. I suggest the day we all stand together against the banks and corporations. Brexit is a great start.

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