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Whats everyone up to this weekend as there's no football?

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I'm actually working this weekend. First time in 4 months thats I've actually stayed up here on a Thursday afternoon, usually home by Wednesday of midday Thursday!

I'm removing a Turbo from a diesel on a ship today and tomorrow.

Then working on another ship changing the start motor ring. 

So a busy weekend for me!!

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Me and Mrs SA, are off to Albufeira for a few days. Back on Wednesday, Arrive back just after noon, so got a chance for a few hours kip. On nightshift. these international breaks are shite. Tho the few days away are nice.

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3 hours ago, Thomas Shelby said:

My mate has just got back from Portugal.

Said it has gotten right expensive there.....4 euros a pint in most places. Food is expensive too.

Dont know what part he went, When i last there in May, Around 3-50 Euro a round for me and Mrs SA, Average 3 course meal, 15 Euro.

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8 hours ago, Thomas Shelby said:


Vilamoura is the posh part, I was paying 5 euros around the marina there last year,Don't mind that in that area, Its stunning. Half mile down the road in Quarteria, 1-50 euro a pint.

I going Albufeira, Cheap as feck there. Was there in May too. Accommodation in Portugal can be expensive in some parts, Yet again tho, The standard of it is really high.Stayed at Eden Resort in a villa, (wish they could find a less offensive word to describe their houses over there). Portugal pisses all over anything Spanish, In every way. Best of all, No lucky lucky men. The police over there are feckin fierce tho, The specials, Volunteers so they dont give a fuck, If you stand in the street singing shit on the villa, They will baton you.

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