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The Realist

Shower Or Bath?

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Mostly a shower person myself. Do like a nice bath now and again tho. Helps soothe the ageing aching bones, Especially during the winter. Never will know tho, How Mrs SA has the water so hot. I jumped in with her earlier, I swear it nearly fried my bolox.

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A fart is much more effective in the bath than a shower, Sadly if it's badly smelling, you somehow still seem to kop the whiff. even more sad, Is thers no one else around to appreciate it.Unlike in the pub, Where your mates go into uproar. shelby will know what i on about here. Rag-George-Matchday.

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22 hours ago, Thomas Shelby said:

I have no tolerance for smelling the stink off someone else's shit.

So you are not familiar, With the pubs used on matchdays around St Andrews,/Digbeth?And the legendary Rag, Who farts a lot, And literally clears the bar, Each time he does. Well known down the Blues, They even sing of him, In the Tilton every home game, block 3 ,My preference for showers tho, Goes back to when Blues were sponsored by Triton, After promotion, Under Terry Cooper. Remember the chant, I would rather have a shower than a bath?

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