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6 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

I think so, he's been utter garbage the past year and a bit. 

Also at times, Came across as a bit weird/eccentric. A lot of his achievments were built on player trust and respect, He learnt his trade, Working for Bobby Robson. Sadly for him, I think he lost that at Chelsea last season. Man U, are still suffering from a huge hangover, due to SAF retiring. They wanted Mourinho, they got him. I just think his best days are past. He has been sussed.

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7 minutes ago, Red Devil said:

Been thinking long and hard about it, I don't think he's finished at all. Sir Alex broke up the drinking culture in his first few years at United and got rid of some star players in the process. Mourinho has issues himself, but it's not drink anymore, it's big time charlies, who couldn't care less about the game we all love. 


I am in the middle of reading Roy Keane's Second book, the second half. (Sadly on the back of reading SAF's Autobiography). There was always a bit of a drinking culture at UTD, (a few players) Tho Keane himself according to his book, cut it out in the end.Tho that was nearing the end of his career. SAF's book was so good, When i finished it, I wanted to read it again. Keane's book on the other hand, Is utter shite, I am struggling to persevere with it. Seems he cant go half a sentence, Without throwing in a few fuck's, The odd cunt, and bastard here and there. Sir Alex Ferguson, Was a man of class. Read his books. I have read both. He deserve's to be a Sir.

Good tip here. If you gonna read the books. Read Keane's First. As he absolutely cannot hold a torch to SAF, as a man, Author or whatever.

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3 minutes ago, Red Devil said:


I've got both in fairness mate, my Sir Alex book signed off the great man himself, my pregnant wife waiting four hours to have it signed as a birthday gift to me. I actually enjoyed Roy Keane's book and pretty much read it in a few days, I love a bit of trash talk, even if it's only from Roy's point of view. As much as he's loathed by everyone, I actually respect him as my childhood hero and as a professional footballer, if he said someone was shite, he was being genuine. 

Never shy of expressing his opinion, Which is how people should be. The SAF book tho, Was arguably the best football book i have ever read. always liked and respected  the man. The book took the respect to another level. He also never slagged anybody off throughout.

Possibly the only book that beats it, Was by John Brown of Rangers. The parts about his daughters illness, Really strikes a chord, As to how irrelevant football can be. Probably the only time i ever agreed. Hard hitting.

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