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SAS Kill List!

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Great stuff  i'd hope that these ragtag fighters from the UK wont know what's hit them once the SAS get into them.

I Also dont think much more would/should be publicised about this if it even happens. 

Yogurt knitter Corbyn and his left wing cronies will soon have them all behind bars serving a life sentence for carrying out unethical immoral attacks on these poor misunderstood British citizens who only went to Syria to hand out some Anadin and plasters to the Syrian people but got tricked into other activities that they didn't understand.

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46 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

Who is Sally Jones, Dave mate?

You have a mate?? A mate called Dave?? Shocked by that really i am.I have a few mates called Dave. Everybody knows a Dave. dont have an internet mate dave tho.


Anyhow back on topic here, Sally jones, seriously needs to die.

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1 hour ago, Red Devil said:


Muslim convert, not only fighting for ISIS in Syria, but also trained up her baby boy into a killer as well.

She will surely only ever have one child tho. That woman is never gonna get shagged twice.

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2 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

True...I bet one of the inbreds from B6 would have a bash though. 

They probably already have, Owing to villas taliban links.

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19 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

Do you have source for this claim?




Amongst many other's. Will save you hassle of research here. Purely cos i hate villa.



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