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John Lewis Christmas advert 2016

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New John Lewis advert is shit.
If you have animals and they fuck about on trampolines you know that trampoline is gonna be caked in shit within minutes.
Dog shit,fox shit,badger shit,squirrel shit,cat shit,bird shit,every animal scenting that trampoline to high feckin heaven,trying to out do each other and that's even before 6 morning bells of Christmas have rang out.
Shit bullshit none factual advert 
Disappointed in John Lewis this year,usually I'm crying into the arms of my own mother at  previous year's adverts 
Not this time,wankers.
Budget must of been £6.52.

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17 minutes ago, Red Devil said:

Parents going mad as the father is putting up the trampoline, far too many adverts are missing out father Christmas these days. 

That's because he doesn't exist Haha.  Surely you have more to worry about in life than an advert.  

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