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The Revolution is starting

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He's left wing, but he has a point! 

All this Brexit and Trump shite is because people are sick of lurvvie lefties whinging, being the victim, accusing people of being sexist, racist and want a change,

Why does everyone like to be a victim these days!

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3 hours ago, Haggis-Baws said:
Trump anti establishment? Behave yourself haha, 
So we aren't supposed to call out sexist and racist comments when they happen BB? We are supposed to sit back and let people talk down to others and single out one race? calling them out isnt being a leftie that's being a decent human. 


Half the stuff people claim is racist or sexist isn't. People just love being the victim these days.

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On 15 November 2016 at 11:24 AM, Haggis-Baws said:

Perhaps if he wasn't such a racist bigoted xenophobic sexist pig he wouldn't have every word or ever sentence peeled back. We have no doubt all made derogatory comments so some of the stuff that has came up which was a private conversation I tried not to judge on as we have all been there however when his words behind closed doors continue to shine through the way he ran his campaign and used twitter and written in his auto biography then i find it hard to ignore it. This is just my opinion on Trump. His company's have also been finned plenty of times throughout the years for racism and discrimination. 

Fined or not, he's still a Billionaire. The proof is in the pudding.

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