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The Royal Navy's warships will be left WITHOUT anti-ship missiles in 2018 after 'highly risky' budget cuts

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The Royal Navy is fucked!

Its just cuts after cuts after cuts, no contracts for tools so engineers can't repair equipment, engineers having to bring their own tools in as the tool system is shite. No stores as contracts haven't been renewed, honestly the Royal Navy is a fucking MESS and I can't wait to leave it! Ships are also stuck along side due to lack of Marine Engineers, my last ship was put alongside in June 2015 and I left it in June 2016 witthout going to sea for a year. A few of the ships are now classed as Adaptive Force, which means reduced manning on the ships, if they couldn't get any more reduced!!!!!! Absolute joke!


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On 17/11/2016 at 8:22 PM, Thomas Shelby said:

I blame Brexit.

A ship that was put alongside in June 2015, A full year before Brexit, Suggests you are wrong.

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10 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

Nah you are wrong. We won't have the money for a proper defence anymore and will just rely on the Yanks calling the shots. 

So going on your logic, Our defence budget has never previously  been cut. Our armed forces budgets have been raped for years. Yet somehow Tony Blair found a few £billion for his illegal war on Iraq. Which if the system wasn't corrupt, He would have stood trial for.  In 2010, We had over 100000 serving in our forces, Down to 81000 by 2015, Before a referendum on the EU  was even announced or confirmed. Preference is for reservists, Rather than full time servicemen and women, Cant waste money on our forces,  We have corrupt banks to bail out, Costing us taxpayers £billions. We also have to pay £billions to the EU.

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