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Haye V Bellow

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Haye will kill him, Absolutely huge puncher. 

It will be similar to Haye vs Maccarinelli, IMO. 

The build up will be fun though.

Maybe should run a book, To see who pulls out first!

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9 hours ago, Red Devil said:

Agree 100%, Bellew has already been in the ring with a huge puncher in Stevenson and he was blasted out of that contest. 

Not taking anything away from Tony as he's a hard lad but he's thinking pound signs with this one, he knows the fact Haye is trading at heavyweight it won't really effect his career, he can drop back down to Cruiserweight and continue his career knowing he's had a huge payday. 

Bellew is a clever lad, and Haye is going to knock him out in the first three rounds. 

I going first round KO, If in Bellews position, I'd be happy, Big payday, Raised profile etc. Modern day boxing rules, He's not even gonna get hurt much. ( hopefully)

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13 hours ago, Thomas Shelby said:

He will batter Bellew. 

Would you care to expand a little on that? A 4 word post, contributing nothing. Any explanation or opinion as to why you think he will batter Bellew?

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4 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

He will punch Bellend really hard in the head....Beleend goes zzzzzz.

Comprehend Erdington man?

Thank you for showing the true level of your intelligence little man.:thumbs_up_smiley:

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Want Bellew to win, he's been the slightly more gracious in the build up but unfortunately I think one Hayemaker does it.

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A complete and utter pantomime from announcement of fight until last night's closing speeches. I suspect that their supposed hatred of each other was totally bogus. Eubank & Benn hated one another, that was evident in and out of the ring. These two...it was just manufactured banter. Joshua's laugh when Bellew called him out for the next fight, that was about the only genuine happening in the whole event. Drama? I've seen more drama in Coronation Street back in the days when the most exciting thing that happened was when one of Stan & Hilda's ducks fell off the wall. 

Imagine the uproar if Wayne Rooney lifted the Premier League trophy and screamed out "I don't give a shit about winning, I've just secured my kids' future!" A shameful episode for British sport as far as I'm concerned, personified by Eddie Hearn leaping around in the ring like he'd just knocked out Haye himself. 

Pay out for PPV?...not fookin' likely.

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time for Haye to retire me think's. Tho I thought Bellew looked very pudgy. Not much of a puncher for someone fighting at heavyweight. One of the odder fights. In the end it was like two drunks swinging wild haymakers, especially when Haye kept falling on the floor from them.

And that results sets up a rematch, Haye will blame injury on the loss... Same thing again next September. 

 You'd think that Bellew would be looking beyond Haye now but in all reality, there probably isn't anything out there for him. Boxing is a great sport but it's a shoddy business...or should that be the other way round? I'm not that sure.

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