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Adidas Manchester Marine!!

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6 minutes ago, Red Devil said:

How did you get them?

Considering everyone stood in line two days, I'm interested how you managed to get a pair?

I suspect you're talking that stuff your dog deposits whilst you're out walking him. 

Have a mate, Who owns a few clothes shops fella. He is also the guy, Who has a box at Wembley. Very rich, well connected person. I also have a pair of Adidas Birmingham. Love Adidas trainers. Couldnt tell you off the top of my head, How many pairs i own, Tho it's a lot, An almost obsessive amount. Mrs SA, moans when at Xmas birthdays etc, I always want another pair of trainers off each family member. I must have 50 pairs that i haven't worn yet. Still kicking myself, For not getting the brown samba's, of a few years ago. They would look great with the Aquascutum shirt and jeans.

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Not a big fan of them, personally. Used to be a big trainer collector quite a few years ago, but nowadays they're sold out before they even go on sale and eBay are the real winners.


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3 minutes ago, Red Devil said:


Photo then, 

You follow it up with nonsense about walking your dog, you're the virus on here. 

Are you and Shelby the same person?? What did i follow up with nonsense about walking the dog?????? I Asked if anybody got a pair, Am i correct so far? I also said i have got a pair, I am still correct so far yeah, Are you following? I also said, I am about to try then out walking the dog, Which i have done. I would not have worn them, had it been raining, Which i think is understandable, Do you agree, Are you keeping up fella?

What i find difficult to comprehend, Is your anti SA agenda, I really do think, You and Shelby are the same person.

You have snags.

Doesn't really bother me tho. Love the entertainment value.

People like you's really make me feel good about myself. Keep it up, I enjoy it.:thumbs_up_smiley:

Seriously, Take a good look at yourself, And ask how did you manage, To turn a thread about trainers, (yes feckin trainers) Into an attempt at an argument.

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16 hours ago, Red Devil said:


 I didn't want to fall out and bicker this time around, maybe it's best I don't contribute as I can't be putting up with people like you.


 Being totally unprovoked, And then accusing people of talking shite, and saying they are the virus on here, Kind of makes a mockery of your statement there. That type of Jekyll & Hyde behaviour, really wont be missed.

Anyhow, Just ordered myself these. similar, Tho a bit nicer than the brown Samba's.




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3 hours ago, Thomas Shelby said:

I will take the Sambas. Iconic name. 

Have around a dozen pairs of Samba's fella. Tho they seem a bit jinxed lately. Iv'e had an unworn pair, Of the original black & white sambs'a totally disappear. Also first time worn, Blue & Orange, Mate drops his curry sauce and chips all over them. In Digbeth that was.

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21 hours ago, Haggis-Baws said:

These are one of my all time favorite pair of trainers. Although i wouldn't buy them now i still have a pair from 7-8 years ago that are in decent shape. 

Unbeatable, for playing football on any non grass surface.

I have to wear steel toe capped shoes all week at work, So getting into a pair of trainers feel's almost luxurious.

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