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Shift work!!

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Do any of you work shift's, Or have you ever worked shift's?

If so how do you find that it affects you?

I work the 3 shift pattern, 2 weeks about. Tho at JLR, we do it backwards from the normal, Morning's- Afternoon's -Night's. We work In reverse of that, Working Night's-Afternoon's- Morning's.

Advantage being the length between shift's. IE, We finish morning shift at 12-30 Friday, Not back in work til Monday night, Thus depending n how much of a sleep addict/lazy fecker you are, We get 4 days off. I take advantage of this when i can, By going to Skegness to stay in my son's caravan. It's a nice little break every few weeks.

Tho i struggle with the eating/food pattern, Like when i am on night's, Never eat properly. I get up to Mrs SA, cooking dinner for the household, When what i really want is a breakfast.Bacon and eggs or similar, Rather than stew and dumplings.(tho my sons can wake up and eat anything, i cant oh to be young eh?)

If you have worked shift's how do you find it affects you?

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1 hour ago, Thomas Shelby said:

I do two days, two nights, four off and so forth.

Don't really like shift work but the allowance is £800 every 4 weeks which is a lot to lose if I went on straight days. 

Must be hard on the body clock that.

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2 minutes ago, Sonic said:

I loved 6 till 2

And hated 2 till 10


First off, Welcome to the forum fella!

I loved 6-2 in the summer, My morning shift now tho, stars at 5-45, I am expected to be around 30 mins early for the handover, I am always tired on this shift. Only bonus is, I get to go to the night matches, Which i cant on afternoons or nights. so not all bad.

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