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England and Scotland fined for wearing poppies

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Fifa has fined all four home nations for displaying poppies during World Cup qualifiers around Armistice Day.

Football's world governing body has punished the countries after the teams either wore the symbol or marked the event in other ways - with a display by fans, for example.

England have been fined 45,000 Swiss francs (£35,311), Scotland and Wales 20,000 Sfr (£15,694) and Northern Ireland 15,000 Sfr (£11,770).


Whats with the difference in the fines?

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Given the meagre amounts of the fines I would suggest we just carry on using the poppy emblem at the nearest international fixture to the 11/11 and just pay the fine - what is £35k to an organisation whose income must be in the hundreds of millions?

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All I can say is "Money Well Spent", let's just keep doing it Year on Year. (F)easibly (I)nept (F)arcicle (A)rseholes seems more an appropriate wording for FIFA. We should start a petition to get the name changed :Clipboard03:

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