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The Realist

New Year's Eve Plans!

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What you all got planned then?

Me. Bull Ring Tavern for a couple, Old Crown, Curry at Manzils. Hoping to be in Irish Centre come midnight.

Home shortly after the bells tho. I am on call New Years Day.

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1 hour ago, Thomas Shelby said:

Going to see a live band with the wife.

80's music. 

That sound's quite good. should be a good atmosphere, The young wannabees don't tend to go to these kind of events. Leaving everybody who goes to enjoy themselves, actually free to enjoy themselves. Wish i could turn the world back to the 80's. Knowing what we know now. Guess Angela Murkell wishes that too tho.

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1 minute ago, Red Devil said:

Party at my house, don't usually throw parties at my house but seen as this is our first christmas/new year in this new one, I'm gonna for it. 

Hopefully the neighbours either join the fun or don't mind the odd bit of noise. 

Thank's for the invite fella.:mad_old: Seriously tho, since the millennium thing, house parties seem to be the way forward, I wouldn't even say parties, More a select gathering, where a few choice people get together and have a good time, No hassle, no struggle for a taxi home either.silly prices charged nowadays.

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17 hours ago, Thomas Shelby said:

Ticket only do at Cadbury Club. Should be good. 

Just had a call, inviting me and Mrs SA to the Cadbury club tonight. Wrong side of town for me tho, also have other plans already in place!

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40 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

Shame. I ain't going anymore. Ticket only, no invites.

Heading off up town right now. Gonna have a couple in Bull Ring Tavern and town. 

The club would be better IMO. social clubs where most people know each other, In my experience are the best on NYE.

Just so you know, My invite was the offer of 2 tickets. If it had been nearer, I would have gone, Few mates from Cadbury will be there.

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