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Celebrity Death Thread 2017!

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Restarted this, as the last one went a bit crappy.

Who is gonna get dead this year?

Bruce Forsyth 
Bush Snr 
Prince Philip 
The Queen 
Gordon Banks.

I am gonna throw in Justin Beiber as a wild card.

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R.I.P to Jill Saward who for those that don't know was the 21 year old girl who was raped & nearly killed during the notorious "Ealing vicarage" burglary at her dads vicarage in the 80's which at the time shocked & outraged the whole world that some cunt could not only break into a vicarage but then go as low as to bash & rape the vicars fucking daughter!
Lads if you can't charm your way into a girls knickers or blag her with a few cocktails on a Saturday night then leave her the fuck alone because in my eyes rapists & wrong un's are a slight notch down from a nonce case who prays on children and not a single fuck was given during the writing of this post.

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If there are suspicious circumstances I would be shitting myself if I was you Dave! 

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13 hours ago, Thomas Shelby said:

Should have gone for Land Rover dreamers Kidda. 

So the forum idiot shelby basically is saying he wishes i was dead. I find wishing death on anybody a bit unreasonable. anyhow being  the reasonable guy i am, and knowing his basic lack of intelligence and social skills and  obvious mental health issues, I decided a 1 week ban would suffice.

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Socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, 45, is found dead at her London penthouse flat five DAYS after builders heard a 'very loud crash' from inside - as 'saddened' Prince Charles mourns the death of his close friend.

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