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Another footballer who should not be let near social media

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4 hours ago, Thomas Shelby said:

It was lower than low. 

Should you be able to blame it on ADHT? 

Was just going to post about this - absolutely not. It really bugs me when articles namedrop conditions, such as autism, as if it's an 'explanation' for horrible behaviour. I saw it recently in an article about some tosspot who was jailed for trolling mourning families on Facebook. It gives ammunition to incorrect stigmas attached to neuro-diversity groups. Most people with these conditions know that those comments are unacceptable, even in the heat of the moment

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He is an idiot, but it may have been a crap joke badly typed and edited by him, a moron, leading to his demise. 

Its risky stuff. 'Read a book by Jon Ronson called 'You have been publically shamed' about how people's lives can be damaged by online daftness. 

One particular case was a woman, about to get a plane home to South Africa, who tweeted some daft joke about not getting Aids cos she was white. The joke was intended to be a piss take of white racism, but she got on the plane and others read it. One bloke who has 15,000 followers picked up, slagged her off, as did many. Next thing you know, 1.2 million people see her as public enemy number one. 

In South Africa she gets off the plan, her life is in ruins, she loses her job, loses friends and her family are threatened too. 

She worked in PR by the way.

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37 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

You have to know where to draw the line.

Some people don't tho. I am one of those people in some ways. Lost count of the amount of beating's iv'e took over the years at football through not knowing when to draw the line or knowing running is the best or only option. You show trait's of not knowing where to draw the line, at times with some of your post's on here. IE, your one about Amsterdam. @Red Devil, will know where i am coming from here. We all have snags.  Alfie Barker tho acted like a twat in a way that is not acceptable. He has tried to blame it on all kinds of thing's. Twitter account hacked some kind of mental illness ETC ETC.. Knows he was wrong, I think he knew it when he did it, just took a chance. Thankfully it came back to bite him on the arse big time. His immediate future is not going to be very nice. That makes feel good, having lost a daughter myself to cot death in 1987.

He also reminds me of Jack Grealish, which is a justified reason to not like him anyhow.

V V V V This is a face only a cosh could love. V V V V 


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Completely agree with the punishment. Its yet another example of young football players using social media and posting comments before engaging the brain. If he gets back into football (I'm sure he will) he wont make this mistake again. If he does, that's the real measure of a idiot.  

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