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Car Insurance WTF!

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Granddaughter is 17 soon, I promised to buy her a car and get her through her driving test for her 17th, if she achieved the grades i wanted her too in her education. Turns out she achieved far better than i expected/wanted. Problem i have is that the car she wants is a Fiat 500,(one of those horrible feckin things that shelby would happily drive around in) not sure i would call it a car but hey ho. 

Price of car she wants around £8k, Driving course, around £1500. I have no problem with that. The joy that girl brings into my life is absolutely feckin priceless, She also comes to a few Blues games with me, which is even more priceless.

Now the problem starts. Driving licence and car are on good old granddad,

Insurance is on her back. Been doing a bit of mooching around for quotes, based on passing her test, Cheapest £4500, dearest £12000. How the feck is this justifiable?

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