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UK and New Zealand plan free trade deal after Brexit!

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8 hours ago, boro_boy said:

Excellent news, all the sane people knew Brexit was the way a head!!

I sense a few sniggers from the leftie's, and remainer's laughing at a country with such a small population. My reply to them is-


Yeah, let's not worry about a deal with a country with a tiny population. 

After all, it's not as if it has a GDP higher than almost half of the countries in the EU. 

And the French want 30% tariffs on lamb? Brilliant, bring it on. We are nett importers of lamb from the EU, Ker-Ching. Let's have 30% on everything while we are at it including wine and spirits and French/German built cars.. (We/they can't anyway, but that's not exactly relevant at the moment I suppose) 

We are going to read boatloads of these stories in the next few months me thinks. 

Every one will be sensationalist from one side or another. 

Welsh people can't actually buy Welsh lamb from a supermarket in Wales due to EU regulations. Sooner we are free from the corrupt undemocratic EU the better.

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