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May's 12-point plan for clean break from EU

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Theresa May will delight Brexiteers and dismay Remainers by pledging a clean break from the EU in her long-awaited speech spelling out her Brexit strategy.



She is doing a great job, well seems to be, with sticking to democracy and what the majority of the people in the UK wanted. The deals are coming too, New Zealand wanting free trade, America very soon. We will be back to being a stronger country, doing deals that benefit us, creating laws that benefit us. All round good news in my eyes.

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I have a single point plan.

We take control of our border's, And tell the rest of the world to fuck off!..................



If they wanna do free trade fine, if not whatever tariffs are imposed on us, we impose on them, The German car makers will love it, as will the wine makers etc.fuck em.A lot of people in EU countries may find themselves out of a job, yet hey ho, My Sunday dinner may consist of British lamb/beef whatever. If we are free of a corporate led system, where people in Wales can't actually buy Welsh lamb, Our fishermen cannot fish our water's. I am happy seeing the back of with that.

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