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Trump Protesters don't even know what they're protesting about lol

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Do these people have any brain cells?

Trump has a whole team behind him, its not just trump who makes the decisions, he has teams working for him. I have no problem with him, not a lot will change really. It's nice to have someone different in power. 

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The world has gone mad. I mean, let the guy have his try at running the U.S. and then if he screws them over, then protest. Don't do it before giving Trump a go. You never know, he might even do some good while he is in term of office. The 1st woman interviewed on this vid seems to be off her rocker or on something funny. She can't answer the fella with a tangible answer so she tells him she's cold and go interview someone else, FFS Woman could you seriously be more Stupid than that. If you're cold just go home and stop wasting your time protesting about something that you clearly have no clue about.

I read Today that he was gonna build a wall between USA & Mexico border. I know some people won't like it but at least he is keeping to his word so far. Let's hope that when May visits Trump, he'll rub some of His honesty off on her.

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