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Rape Question

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Me can't get raped by a woman its Impossible!!!

I think the definition of rape is basically inserting your penis into a womans vigina, "penetration".


or bum

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16 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

So the consent questions about men aren't really relevant eh?

Unless it is about man love? 

Thats what I disagree with, if a hot bird ties you down and jumps on you, then surely they are raping the man, the man mightn't want sex as he may have a partner! 

No its not about man love.

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My mate just posed this on FB about this image. 


Why have we turned into a race of blaming others for our own actions. They both made a decision to get drunk. She put out and didn't like it when she got up the next day. It's called regret and shame, not ruin someones life because she can't take responsibility for her actions. Rape and drunken sex are not the same thing. If she was unconscious it's a different story, but as the poster states she was merely drunk. Consenting the shit out of life until she woke the next morning with twisted ideals of marriage and happily ever after. Oh no the guy is gone, "oh the shame of it all". 
Get a grip humanity FFS.

Pretty spot on!

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