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The Realist

Serious Question!!

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Yes, been on many airplanes with a female captain.

Regardless of age, sex or race they have that responsibility too fly the plane because they passed any test anyone took and have all the qualification's

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Why the feck would you do that? I mean a woman flying a plane? Have you ever seen them try to reverse into a car parking space? They can't park a feckin car, Yet think they can fly a plane.

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Well i would not get on a plane with a woman pilot. A few years ago when we were going to Antalya in Turkey, I had to catch a seperate flight from the rest of the party, next day it was, cost me a fair few quid extra too.. I asked as i usually do, if it was a man flying the plane, Snotty cow at check in(woman), said well what difference would that make sir? I said that makes the difference as to whether i get on the fecking thing or not.Anyhow i flew out the following day.Male pilot.

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