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First pub you got served alcohol in


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Can you remember it?

Mine was The Barrel Organ, aged 14. (since became the Dubliner now Subside)

First night club was Faces @ five ways.

So many years ago!

Weird how some thing's stay in the memory, even tho not really that important. Part of growing up i suppose.


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14 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

The Greenwood Tree opposite my school in Primrose Hill. 

I was 14 and went for a pint and a smoke on my lunch break.

Had a few beers in the myself.Always viewed it as one of those pubs like the Scott Arms Mountfort types, that doesn't look very welcoming or inviting. A kind of local's only place. As the old saying goes tho looks can be deceiving.  (tho in the case of the Mountfort it absolutely true).

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3 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

The Greenwood is ok, but you have to know the regulars.

A stranger sitting alone looking round doesn't usually go over too well.

I prefer the Tunnel in that area, but if i do go out for a drink round here (which isn't often) then it is The Man on the Moon that is my boozer of choice. 

I'm like you SA as in folk don't use the pubs as much any more. Every time i go out now it is with the wife for a about 5 pints then on for a meal. 

i would say your spot on a few pints or so and off for a meal somewhere sounds like a normal thing nowadays

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