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Caffeine Withdrawals

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Does anyone suffer from these?

I do and pretty badly, I have roughtly 2-3 filter coffees when i'm at work in Scotland and then 4-6 when i'm at home.

I've started to drink Decaff from after 6pm as its hard to get to sleep with all the caffeine in my body ha.

But I didn't have any Coffee on Tuesday and come wednesday I had a huge headache!! 

Had a cup of filter coffee and my headache vanished!!

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Throughout the shift at work, I drink an obscene amount of coffee, I have to take 2 flasks to work, as the vending machine stuff is utter shite. I have it quite strong too and black. I have 2-3 spoons of coffee per cup. At home i drink endless mugs of tea. I have a mug ni bought in Vegas which i use for tea, don't enjoy it as much in any other cup or mug, yet i drink coffee only out of my Blues mug. Weird.

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