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Rusty Paintwork and peeling pain - Insignia MY2014

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I tried to get Vauxhall to fix my paint on my bumper which started peeling about 8 months ago. They wouldn't have anything to do with it. I noticed two patches of rust and bubbling paint on my cars roof a few days ago, photos below.

How the fuck can my car be getting rusty after 2 years of age on the roof, its a fucking joke!!!

I'm supposed to get the car checked every 12 months, but the last time it was checked was July last year, but it should not be rusty after 2 years!!!!

Photos of the RUST:



Photos of the Peeling paint on the front bumper:

The scratches on the side is where a car must have hit me when I was parked up, CUNTS!!IMG_20161220_112522.jpgIMG_20161220_112530.jpgIMG_20161220_112537.jpg


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Other than the paintwork and it breaking down once on me, i've not had any other problems with this car, its been excellent, get about 65mpg from it too which is good. 

Got me to Italy in the summer too.

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Vauxhall I would not have any of them but that's only my opinion .had a vectra a few years back it only had 400 miles on the clock but I got to say worst motor I ever owned

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