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The McCanns!

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Can, it seems in Portugal, be implicated:

Madeleine McCann's parents lose libel battle against former detective in Portugal | London Evening Standard

Always thought they had something to do with it, still do.

Even if its never proven they had something to do with it, they were grossly negligent in leaving their young children unattended and played their part in what happened whether they're willing to accept that or not.

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They have made millions off their daughters dissapearence.

I think their behind it, but obviously can't be proved but that's my thought.

Their selfish bastards who only care about the money their making! (Harsh words I know but just my opinion)

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3 minutes ago, Red Devil said:

I think it was a case of being negligent, they'd have been caught by now if they had been lying. It's heartbreaking stuff but I feel little pity for them as I would never dream of leaving my children so far away in a unfamiliar place. 

They somehow got themselves into a position where they are immune from prosecution. Aided by their friends in high power. Do you not think it strange that the them PM, Gordon Brown,(a friend of the McCanns) sent his personal press officer to Portugal the day after, to deal with the press? I have deeply researched this for many a year, I have read a translated version Goncalo Amarals book online. ( i can send you the link if you want it via PM), As it was never allowed to be translated into English for the bookshelves.

I also like the way the McCanns spent charity money on their mortgage, and deemed it a misunderstanding.

If you think dogs can lie, I suggest you watch this documentary. I know its long, tho after 5 mins, I guarantee you will see it through. It is also available in broken down version on youtube.


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1 hour ago, Red Devil said:

To be fair mate, I can't be arsed thinking about it too much, it's old news and not something I really want to research. 

I'm the same mate, end of the day we are never going to find out what happened.


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