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Google Pixel lense flare Android N 7.1.2

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I just downloaded the beta release of android nougat and tested the lenseflare issue. I took a screenshot of the lenseflare before and after HDR+ processing, it made a slight difference but Google just do better to illuminate this, I don't think they will be able to though as they are trying to fix a hardware issue with software.

The photos are below and it's taken directly below a ceiling spotlight. 

Before processing


After processing



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Two more where the lens flare is completely removed.

Before HDR+ processing



After HDR+ processing


Another two, first with halo and 2nd one with halo slightly removed after HDR+ processing. 

The photos of a dog were taken in a room with no light on and just light coming in from a cloudy outside. 


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1st post has halo at bottom, 2nd one is slightly reduced.

3rd photo there is a slight halo in bottom right, 4th photo its gone. 

5th photo there is a halo at the bottom. The 6yh photo the halo is mostly gone. 

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