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Does anyne have any pets or thinking about getting any?

I myself have 2 tarantulas.

Chillien rose called George : A very friendly spider, loves human contact and loves getting out his cage to run about, he's only a baby at the moment so still needs to grow.

African baboon called harry : Now he's a different story, i won't let anyone handle him unless their comfortable with spiders, he can be quite vicious at times. He's a big bastard with a leg span of 11 inches and still growing.

But all in all,both interesting creatures and no bother at all.

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1 hour ago, Red Devil said:

We've got a chihuahua, the girls wanted one a few years back and I decided they were a none hassle little dog...

Little did I know they were lunatics with temper problems!!!!

The fucker never stops barking and I can't take him for a walk without him attacking people! 

I now walk him at night, when nobody is around. 

Few of my friends have them little fuckers. Vicious little shits so they are!

Them and they pugs!! Can't stand them little gremlin looking prick's

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24 minutes ago, Red Devil said:


Hey chill out mate, I love my little dog haha! 

As nasty as he is. 

I can't stand them haha! Waste of money but I'm sure a lot of people will say that about spiders lol.

Never really been a dog person, fair enough I've been with a few in my life haha!

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