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Who are these idiots marching against Trump in London

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It had fuck all to do with you lot, just jumping on the "we hate" trump band wagon.

Thousands protest Donald Trump's travel ban in London | Daily Mail Online

I agree with Farage, why aren't these idiots marching against all the other countries who ban people from certain countries visiting them?


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There was also about 400 people marching through Dundee city centre with banners etc!

I mean really?!?. People in Dundee?! What do you they think it's going to achieve. Absolute numpties

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I'm with you guys on this. The Image above says it all...... Fucking bunch of Hypocrites they are. Guy Fawkes had the right Idea. Fuckers should come and live with me for a Month and I'll put them right. These politicians make me wanna PUKE! The Bastards!

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