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Football Manager

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Was quite bored so decided to pay the 8.99 and download the football manager 2017 on the amazon website for my tablet, now its actually really good.

So I decided to start off my career with rangers, now I forgot why I don't play these games ... IM FUCKING HOPELESS!!.

The board sacked me 20 games in as I was sat second bottom of the league, just couldn't win a game. Then got offered the Arbroath role then got sacked from them end of the season.

Now I decided to start a new game and have taking man city. Signed mahrez and lukaku. After 19 games I am currently sitting 13, qualified for the last 16 of the champions league and out all the cups, now have the fans outside protesting wanting me gone haha!!.

Anyone give me any tips too improve? I'll be surprised if I last the whole season with man city.

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Premier Manager brings back some good times on the Amiga for me because it's the only time I ever got Everton to win the League LoL!

These Days I don't play many management games as I prefer to play PES 2017 (Which you can also Manage and watch the games) but If I was gonna buy a management game it would have to be the latest version of FIFA Manager because it has more of the Licensed teams and uses FIFA engine for the match.


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Even though I have an Xbox and PlayStation in my man cave I don't play them, haven't done in ages tbh.

I prefer to chill on the sofa with the tablet so I got that.

I decided to make my own team from a bunch of mates and safe to say I'm running the show in the Scottish league.

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I am going to start playing manager games.

I think I would be very good at them and win stuff. 

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