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Highest snooker Break

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Managed 66,around 30 years ago. Should have been 73 as I had an easy black. But I tried to play a difficult positional shot with screw and side and wobbled the black. 
I regularly got in the 40's and 50's a few years ago but always hit a wall. Haven't played for a while, the last time that I played I think that my highest break was about 20!

My brother would often do the century.

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1 hour ago, MrMacleod said:

My highest has been 134. I play snooker quite often at my local snooker hall. 

Usually get 50+ breams depending on what form I am

 Love the game!

I'm calling bollocks.

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I applaud you for that comment Negan, but I'm not sure If It was needed because SA will now be typing some form of comeback to it.

Why don't you guys just agree to disagree and leave it at that for the sake of this forum and it's members. I mean, come on! It's funny for a while but it's so fecking 'Same old-Same old' all the time. It's like watching Soap opera's on TV, everyone knows what's gonna happen next. I know this is off-Topic guys but it needs to stop. One of you, or both of you, needs to be the bigger man here cuz all you're doing is bumping your posts up on needless shit! (I would class that as spamming & flaming) and that's not how a forum is supposed to run.

If I wanted to read this kinda petty stuff I would go and sign back up to FarceBook. Sorry! Guys, it's just how I feel and I'm sure there are a few more members that feel the same way as I do but won't want the comeback for saying it, but there's only so much I will take before saying something.

If this doesn't stop soon you might aswell say it's over for me at MFF.

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Sorry! Vulcan|Shelby|Negan I'm not gonna bite like SA does and I'm sticking by what I wrote. "Like It or Lump It", as my Dear Old Gran used to say.

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I'm getting this back on topic before a war breaks out...  My Highest break wouldn't be much higher than Negan's 6 and that's being truthful. But many moons ago when Jimmy White's Snooker game was all the craze I do remember getting a 100 Break. I'm pretty shit on a real table though.

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1 hour ago, Negan said:

Amen brother. I'm all for that.

I could never get on with snooker. 

Now darts...I'm smoking good at that.

Darts is a game I've never been good at, when I've had a few beers in me. The game i tend to stick too is around the clock!

Don't fancy trying too do the sums when I'm drunk. Think my average 3 darts is about 12 haha!!

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