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sa in being sent to India courtesy of JLR,(work related) in the near future, plans to be finalised. I was given a letter today confirming this, along with a list of all the jab's i have to have. It's a long feckin list of pain. I am pretty certain I had most of these if not all before going to Cancun Mexico. Apparently tho unless i can provide evidence JLR insist i have them again, H&S reason's.

The list of pain reads.

Hepatitis A.





Hepatitis B.

Japanese Encephalitis.


What the feck is the one in bold italic's?.

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34 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

I know a guys son who went to India and never got all of his jabs.

He died when he got back and it wasn't nice. 

TBH, A lot of places i would go, without even giving a thought to jabs, Mexico was part of insurance insistence on having certain jabs, as was Cape Verdi, no jabs = no insurance. Yellow fever certificate is pretty standard in a lot of non European countries. Have heard a few horrific stories of people suffering bad illness when visiting certain countries, Sadly most of it is preventable. A few years back, for people from Europe, Turkey turned out the worst place, in some years as high as 38% of tourists suffered some illness/sickness, whether mild or severe. The UK, still tops the list in this regard at 1% followed by Germany 2%, Ireland 4%. Sadly we also top the list for letting anybody in, and claiming massive benefits out of our hard earned taxes.

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1 hour ago, Thomas Shelby said:

Yellow fever is what killed him.

Sad that is.Really sad, I reckon tho looking back we have at times ignored advice thinking we know better.Do we? do we even learn from the mistakes of previous generations?

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Flying out on 27th May (which happen's to be shut down week). staying at Hyatt Regency in Pune. Looking forward to a now. as JLR are also paying for Mrs SA to come with me, being flown 1st class, and will have a company credit card to cover all expenses. They not gonna like the drink's bill.

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Got to love Mrs SA. She has looked at the schedule conference days etc, worked out how and when we can visit the Taj Mahal, and already booked the travel.We are staying approx 800 miles away from it, I would never have even thought of that. TBH, the Taj Mahal never entered my head. Why not tho eh?

When i think Taj Mahal, i think Indian takeaway.

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