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First Car You Ever Owned!

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I know we all passed our test at different age's, and maybe in different decade's/era's. The younger you were, It's less likely you could afford a decent motor. There is also the slight  chance of being on Dad's insurance and him giving you access to his car whilst saving for one of your own. Maybe you were car obsessed and skint yourself out for year's to get a decent or if apt chavy keep up with the lads type car.

So what was your first car, and the story behind it?

Mine was a 1977 Opel Manta.4 years old when i got it, Very very similar to the pic . amazing thing is-Only £54 fully comp insurance.

first car.jpg

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44 minutes ago, Red Devil said:

Light blue Vauxhall Corsa, would run all week on a fivers worth of diesel. 

Happy days fella. Tho we move on in the car stakes, I am having a Nissan micra delivered as a courtesy car tomorrow.Sadly when my son went in my car car, to fetch food last Saturday evenivg, he was victim of a hit and run, Trashed the back of my Mercedes wheel arch and rear door. good thing is all details recorded, via dashcam.Hit by a silver Honda civic, with plates belonging to a red nissan. Hey ho tho no injuries to my boy.Which is the only imortant thing.

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