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Why are this scum tolerated?

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Not sure if the link will work. The video show's Islamist's destryoing the graves of British, Canadian, and Australian servicemen, who lost their lives in the war.


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Need another war now, to take back what is our's. Not of the Obama type, one where we are simply getting our indigenous rights back and stop pampering to these cnuts. FFS, we have no go areas in Britain now, for white British people .Feck the left wing, and i hope all those who deemed Enoch Powell heretic die a horrible death in the left wing cesspit (now known as the UK) that they have created. I would love to see people like Claire Short stoned in the street, cos that is what she seems to believe has been the best thing for Britain over the years.

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28 minutes ago, Red Devil said:

Trump want's to visit the U.K and the people sign a petition...

Islamic extremist march and protest again British culture, people sit back and allow it. 

These bastards are scumbags, they're torturing people and causing horrific grief worldwide, I'm behind Trump and his vision, I couldn't care less what people think. 

You sound like a man, I could sit and share a few beers with.

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