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The Realist

Film's You Watch Over and Over!

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Having just watched Lion King for around the 150th time, Makes me curious at to what film's you have watched many times. Have also watched these several times too.

Shawshank Redemption.

Green Mile.

Saving Private Ryan.

Training Day.

Lord Of The Rings (all 3)

The Good The Bad And The Boro Boy.

Rocky (all)

Godfather Trilogy.

Just a few to start with.

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37 minutes ago, Negan said:

The Great Escape

Trading Places

Home Alone


good shout with those. Tho if we turn the TV on anytime over Xmas, we don't have much choice with home alone, Same as the Indiana Jones films. Nailed on to be shown every xmas.

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5 hours ago, Red Devil said:


I do like variety but I wouldn't watch a horror or a lovey dovey film over and over. I can watch the films I mentioned as they are classics and entertaining. 

I struggle to watch a horror to the end, never mind watch it again. as for love stories never really connected with them. Titanic was good,and an exception to me. Maybe not a lovey dovey film, the it came across as one overall.

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